Zoreslav Khimich

iOS App Developer and Mobile Lead


Hey, I’m Zoreslav. I specialize in developing high-quality iOS apps and have over a decade of experience building and shipping apps for Apple devices.

Before specializing in mobile app development, I worked on game development, innovative 3D tech, and full-stack web. At some point, I led a software team responsible for creating Interpol e-Passport manufacturing software.

Lately, I have been using Swift and SwiftUI most of the time, and I enjoy having modern Swift concurrency and Combine at hand. However, the majority of my previous app development experience involved using UIKit, Foundation, and GCD. I think that the best app architecture is one that all team members can understand and utilize consistently. That being said, I think Clean Architecture and The Composable Architecture are among the better choices.

My interest in mobile app development originates from my belief in better life through technology. Mobile technology is already deeply integrated into human lives and the quality of user experience in mobile apps we use directly affects our well-being. That’s why I believe it’s our responsibility, as developers, to always strive for an intuitive, smooth, rewarding and empowering experience that our users deserve.

Previous Projects

Since 2012 I have worked on over fifteen published iOS, iPadOS and watchOS apps, some of which are listed below.


Fitcoach for iOS is a popular health & fitness mobile app.

As a contract iOS developer, I helped to build several app features, mostly related to the app UI and workout audio guidance.

Over 50 million users
(acc. to the app)

Leam • Voices

Voices was a live video streaming platform that allowed creators to monetize their work.

I built a stream-powered in-app chat with a highly customized UI using SwiftUI and Combine. I also created several custom transitions for the app.

Seeking Alpha

I was responsible for a complete rewrite of the iOS app. I also worked on a team that designed multiplatform web-to-native bridging APIs. Additionally, I created a companion watchOS app and Home Screen widgets. Rolling out the new app significantly improved user feedback, reviews, and App Store rankings.

Peaked No.1 in Finance
in the US App Store


As a mobile development lead, I was involved in all decisions concerning mobile apps, including feature planning, product & UI design, app development, QA, and app delivery. Led a team of six mobile developers. I also developed the data-driven component foundation of the iOS app. During my time in Kasta, the company significantly strengthened its mobile market standing.

Achieved No.1 in Shopping
in Ukrainian App Store

Coins Wallet

Coins is one of the most popular crypto brands in South-East Asia. Their mobile wallet empowers customers and small businesses by providing direct access to financial services.

I programmed the original iOS crypto wallet from the ground up.

Reached Top 3 in Finance
in the Philippines


Gipis was a popular marathon-running coach iOS app. It created and helped the user to execute personalized and adaptable training plans.

I worked on a total UI revamp for the app, as well as on improving its core functionality.

Peaked No.1 in Sports
in the US App Store


Lapka was a hardware startup that built connected personal sensor devices.

I developed several features for their iOS apps, namely the geolocation and social functionality for the Personal Environment Monitor and a GPU-accelerated video stream filter for the Blood Alcohol Monitor.

In 2015 Lapka was acquired by Airbnb.


RIDERS is an Extreme Sports App that allows you to learn new tricks, improve your skills and share your progress with the global Riders community.

Working as a freelance iOS developer, I built several features for the iOS app.

Tricky Letters

Tricky Letters was a cute iOS app with no other purpose than to entertain its users with daily inspirational quotes and its quirky character.

I programmed the app from scratch. The most technically challenging part was to get all the layered animations to run smoothly on the constrained iOS hardware available back in the day.

Here’s a 9to5mac review of the app.